Celebration of Happiness (17) – Festa Del Cornuto (Festival of Horns)(Rocca Canterano, Italy)

Festa Del Cornuto (Festival of Horns)

"Draw on Humor and New Experiences to Get on With Your Life"


The first steps to getting somewhere is to decide that you no longer want to stay where you are. And what better to make that decision joyful and happy, rather than to cry over what you are leaving behind. So is the festival of horns promoting.



This unique celebration of the broken hearts has been a part of Italy’s culture from centuries ago. Long time ago when soldiers returned from war, they were gifted horns as symbols of victory, but they may have reached their homes only to find themselves cheated in love. From then on, the gesture of horns is used as a symbol to portray that one has been cheated in love.


The second Saturday in November each year is a day full of humor and citywide celebration in this small city near Rome, Rocca Canterano. People parade through the streets with horns in their hands, to console any unfortunate soul who has been ditched in love. Actors recite satirical stories of love and betrayals, adding a little humor to the misery of the betrayed, passing out the message to lighten their hearts, forget what’s gone, pick up their spirits and move on. Life is too short and too beautiful to mourn a dead relationship. New experiences and new passions await us, we only need to take the steps forward.


Pick Up Yourself and Move On!

Love is a bitter sweet experience. While some drown in the sorrows it brings, others take them as experiences and move on to take some more. So pick yourself up, stop mourning, stop complaining. Look at the brighter side of it, a new experience awaits you. Move ahead, don’t look back, humor what happened and forget what’s gone.


 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


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