Celebration of Happiness (19) – Preparation for ChunJie (Chinese New Year) (China)

Preparation for ChunJie (Chinese New Year)

"Rid Yourself of Physical and Mental Clutter and Get Your Life Back Under Control"


Change is the only constant. It is only when the old leaves that the new comes in. Renewal and cleanliness of mind, body, soul and surroundings is essential to one’s being and to the world around.



The New Year celebrations in China need a lot of preparations to be done. People clean their houses, buy new clothes and prepare to welcome another year of happiness and prosperity. Not just their houses, people clear up their minds and hearts and leave behind any ill feelings or grudges that they have been holding and welcome the new year with a fresh start and a positive outlook.


Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivals of China, that spans over 15 days. For this fortnight, the country immerses itself in extreme festivities and celebrations. The preparations involve cleaning and decorating the houses, buying new clothes, gathering family together, buying gifts for each other and bonding with their loved ones. To prepare themselves for the fortnight of fun and frolic, people clean their houses and get together with family and leave behind the sorrows and miseries of the past year and embrace the fresh beginnings that the New Year shall bring.


Get Your House In Order

Clean up the mess your life has. Clean your house, your desk. Let go of old clothes, files, papers, shoes, etc. Clean your phones too. Delete unused contacts and images. Also, clear up your heart and your relationships. Let go of the grudges, clear the mess and give yourself a fresh start, a new beginning.

 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


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