Celebration of Happiness (29) – N’gol (Land diving)(Pentecost Island,Vanuatu)

N’Gol (Land Diving)

"Face Your Fears To Overcome Them"


Life is too beautiful to be spent in fear. Our fears hold us back from doing what should be done and it is only our fears that take us to our end.


N’Gol is a tradition followed  by the people of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. It is a practice in which men of the village jump from a tall tower of about 20-30 meters, made out of wood with vines tied to their ankles. As a show of their strength and masculinity and in hope for a good harvest, the men of this Island risk their lives by performing this land dive.

H29 _N'gol_

The tradition is said to have originated from an incident in which a woman known as Tamalie, was oppressed by her husband and ran out of her house one day and climbed the banyan tree. Her husband followed her on top of the tree. She tied vines to her ankles and jumped and was saved, but her husband did not tie the vines and hence died. Ever since then, the tradition has been followed and no woman is allowed to go near the tower. Only men can perform N’gol. It is also done as a right of passage for boys reaching adolescence. When a boy is ready to be a man, he performs the N’gol to tell the elders that he has become a man. It is also believed that the higher the jump, the better the harvest they will get.


Stare Into the Eyes That Terrify You

Do not hold yourself back and fight your fears. What lies ahead is very beautiful, you only need to take a step. Discover something you are scared of and face it. If heights scare you, go bungee jumping. If water is what you fear, go diving. Explore your fears and overcome them.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)

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