Celebration of Happiness (32) – Midsummer festival (Sweden)

MidSummers Day

"Get Outside Whenever Possible!"


The sun, the rain and every other good thing that nature has for us are the best gifts of God to mankind. While many of us fail to appreciate the goodness of mother nature, there are some in Sweden who knows how best to offer their salutations.


Midsummer Day is the longest day of the year, colliding with the timing of the Summer Solstice. In Sweden, the sun never sets on this day and which is why people spend this special day celebrating the summers and the greens and enjoy in public by dancing around huge maypoles and singing traditional Swedish songs. People gather in public places and bask in the sun while others decorate the maypole with trees and then once it is hosted, people with their families dance around them and make merry for the beautiful summers.


Mid Summers Day is one of the most important holidays of the Swedish traditions and is celebrated in high spirits by the entire country. People leave their homes with families and children and offer their appreciation for the summers and a good harvest to the Gods and mother nature. The tradition is to mount a maypole covered with greens and then dancing and singing around it in celebration of the warm summers and gratitude for the good harvest that it had brought to the nation..


A Little Sunshine Can Go A Long Way!

Basking in the sunshine is a long forgotten practice except for the purpose of getting that ever-famed tan. Replenish the stock of the mood enhancing vitamin D in your body by indulging in sun bathing every once in a while. Not just for good health but for a good life too, this practice is a great one to follow.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)

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