Celebration of Happiness (37) – Self-Transcendence Marathon(USA)

Self-Transcendence Marathon

"Discover What Is Deep Inside With A Physical Challenge!"


Challenges make us stronger by making us reach out to our inner strength. It is only when we challenge ourselves do we find out what we are capable of.



The self-transcendence marathon is a 3100 mile race organized by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Queens, New York between June-August each year. It is a 52 day long event in which the participants have to run the 3100 miles distance around one extended block in Jamaica, finishing the race with 5649 laps. The race was started for the players to search their inner strength and face the challenge to reach their goal in the race as well as in life.


Each year the people of USA challenge their limits when they run this epic race of 3100 miles. Each day for 52 days, the participants run about 100 kms pushing, fighting and searching their strength inside that keeps them going mile by mile. The aim of the race was to make the people come together and help each other push themselves to limits that their capacities hold. Sri Chinmoy believed that people are unaware of their capabilities and the only way to find out is by testing them. So started the longest marathon in the world which is joined by people from across the world.


Test Your Limits To transcend Yourself!

Man has power unknown to himself and the biggest secret is that it is up to us as to how powerful we want to become. As much as we test our limits, the greater the strength we develop to cross them. So set tough goals for yourself, dream big and dare to achieve them. The tougher you try, the farther you will go.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)

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