Celebration of Happiness (42) – Tsagaan Sar (White Moon) (Mongolia)

Tsagaan Sar

"Spend Time With Family To Understand Your Context!"


Like the roots support the tree, no matter how large it grows, so is the role of the elders of our families. They support you, hold you firm and strong and keep you nourished forever.


Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian Lunar New Year is celebrated in Mongolia as the day of peace and a fresh start to the new year. It marks the end of winters and beginning of summers of which the nation desperately waits. It is celebrated on the first day of the lunar year and hence, is not fixed to a particular date.


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The Mongolian culture brings a very deep insight into the celebration of the new year in their traditions. People light candles at the altar, gather with family at their elders’ homes and enjoy the new beginnings. The ceremony is to hold the arms of the elders of the family by the elbow and showing them the gratitude and the acknowledgement of all that their elders have done for them and as a mark of respect they give them a blue ribbon too. The most interesting part of the celebration is the food which included numerous traditional dishes which families sit together and enjoy!


Respect Your Elders!

No matter how far we go, we should never forget the tree which had borne us as their fruit. Always stay connected with your elders. If they are close, spend time with them and if you stay far, call them once a week and visit them whenever possible.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


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