Celebration of Happiness (45) – Maori Haka (New Zealand)

Maori Haka

"Embrace Your Heritage To Better Understand Yourself!"


Prepare yourself for the energy, give yourself the power and there is nothing that you can’t win over. For it is you alone who controls the power within and keeps it from being unleashed.


The Haka dance of the Maori people is a famous, age old tradition of the land of New Zealand. It is a dance of loud noises, strong feet stomping, tongue protrusions and scaring expressions that can scare away the toughest of enemies. The celebration of portraying one’s power and proclamation of the energy and will within to fight, this dance form symbolizes the true strength that the inner self can give to us.


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The Haka dance, also known as the war dance is a practice of the Maori people, more precisely warriors, who performed this dance before wars, to scare their enemies and to show them how powerful and strong they are. Even though nowadays the Haka, as a cultural heritage, is performed to welcome important guests, at events or special occasions, the dance still holds great importance and is a national symbol for the kiwis which keeps them connected to their roots and makes them appreciate the heroes of their land and their successful conquests that their history talks about.


Be Proud Of Your Roots!

Generation by generation, we keep going our different ways and many of us lose touch from where we all started. Be proud of your roots, stay connected and be aware. Meet the elders of your family and ask them about their past life. Know your family tree and appreciate where you belong to.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


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