Celebration of Happiness (49) – Mingas(Community work day)(Chile)

Mingas (Community Work Day)

"Contribute, Be A Useful Member Of The Society, In Order To Feel A Part Of Something Greater Than Yourself!"


United we stand, divided we fall! Well, it’s not just a saying, but a virtue that today’s society is leaving behind day by day. The more we realize the importance of standing together, the better our lives will be.


The people of Chile celebrate and appreciate the virtue of togetherness and community life in a heartwarming tradition known as Minga. It is a tradition in which people come together to help friends, relatives or mere neighbors to move their houses to a new location and in return the host treats them with traditional food, music and dancing. People contribute their mind, body and spirit in any way they can, to help the hosts to shift their house and celebrate the feeling of togetherness and society on successful completion of the work.



The people in Chile believe in taking their houses along if they ever plan to shift to a new place. Drawn from historical traditions when farmers moved to different places in search of a living, the people of this island have continued to carry forward this age old tradition. It is a very cumbersome job in which the house is lifted on logs of wood and oxens and tractors are used to pull the house forward to be taken to the desired location. Friends, relatives and neighbors of the host join together to help them in this tedious job which takes ample preparation and effort. The logs on which the house is moved need to be adjusted after every few meters and setting the oxen in place is a task way more difficult than it seems.


Celebrate The Dirty Work!

Offer your help or ask for help for your own work from your neighbors and friends. Make yourself useful in solving other people’s problems, lend a hand at their dirty jobs and do not shy away from any work that makes you more social and connected with the people around you.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


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