Celebration of Happiness (6) – Buddhist Sand Mandalas (Tibet)

Buddhist Sand Mandalas

"Accept and Celebrate the Transience of Life"


Nothing lasts forever, neither the joys, nor the sorrows, not even life. The essence of life is the circle of life and death. What is born will have to die and return to where it came from.



Buddhists believe in the impermanence of life and celebrate this eternal truth in the most colorful ways by making beautiful sand painting, only to be destroyed in the end. The tradition ages centuries back and since then Buddhist monks spend hours making picturesque paintings out of colored sands and on completion, destroy the paintings ceremoniously to honor the greatest truth of life.



Nothing lasts forever. Anyone who has ever lost anything they thought was theirs forever will relate to this thought. Even though we all know about this deep secret of life, yet, we live in denial. Returning to Mother Nature is the sole purpose of each particle in the universe and one day or the other, each one of us will have to get back to her. The impermanence of life and the circle of life and death is what makes this world so beautiful and change the constant. What has come will go and new will always replace the old!


 Like sand through the hourglass

Atleast once in your life, get to a beach and make sand castles. While all the effort you will put in making it will make you wish it stays forever, the law of nature and the beauty of it is in the waves melting it down and leaving behind nothing but a fresh start.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


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