Celebration of Happiness (28) – La passeggiata(Italy)

La Passeggiata

"Talk To Your Neighbors to Reconnect With Your Community"


Man was not born alone and cannot survive without a constant interaction with others of the same species. We are all social animals and we need our communities and neighbors to live happily and peacefully.


La Passeggiata is a wonderful tradition followed by the people of Italy in which people leave their homes and their workplaces to take an aimless stroll on the pedestrian ways, walking, meeting friends and relatives, flirting, window shopping and simply watching the others do the same. The tradition is more popular in Southern Italy, but  it is followed in the entire country. It is a must attend event for even the travelers to see how the Italians take out time to reconnect with their community.

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The tradition dates back to hundreds of years ago and Italy seems to be respecting the trend till date. After finishing their work or on Sundays after a filling lunch, people step out of their houses, dressed in their best clothes. They walk about, meet people, talk to the shopkeepers or simply enjoy a glass of wine or beer at a café. It is the time when Italians step out to connect with people and their community. It is a relaxing activity after a day’s work and people enjoy the end of a beautiful day in Italy by this event.


Break Out Of Your Bubble

People are an important part of our lives and we all need friends, neighbors, relatives and partners to live a healthy and happy life. Step out, reach out to people, talk to your neighbor or join a community club. Think of one thing that will connect you with people and do it regularly.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)

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