3rd Monthly ‘Circular Innovation & Startup Hub (Den Bosch)

Creative, Inspiring Young People + Social Entrepreneurship = Global Change!


3rd Monthly Innovation & Startup Hub

On April 1, @S2M Den Bosch (Central Station, 1st floor. Entrance in between HEMA and AKO) from 2 to 5 pm

One World Citizen-3rd Circular Innovation and Startup Hub


Hub Program on April 1, 2017

13.30 Welcome & registration

14.00 Free Learning Session: Personality Test for Entrepreneurs

15.00 Cultural Session: Meet change makers from Kenya

15.30 Break

15.45 Free Learning Session: Building a social project

17.00 The End

Please sign in via the FB event ‘Circular Innovation & Startup Hub’ March 4! There you can find more information about the Hub & workshops.

Personality Test for Entrepreneurs

Before you start you new venture, it is important to know yourself. About your strengths/weaknesses, work habbits etc. On 1st April, Piyuesh Modi, founder of LearnAnythingFree.com and PagePotato.com will be sharing about one of the easiest and accurate tool for personalty test. And you grow, this tool will help you hire a better suited candidate for your startup.

Building a social project

On this session, by Alberto Andrade Juarros, we will discuss about some of the important points to consider when you are planning to make a social project. A social project can be built as a business model depending of the needs, the phase where it is, etc. We will work in an actual project from Kenya to see the problems, solutions and difficulties that can be found in any project, focusing partially in the economic point of view.

– What makes people contribute for a cause?

– Elaboration of an empathy map

– Making a project report

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