Acting(=fun!) Workshop + showcase

Acting(=fun!) Workshop + showcase


The good season is coming… And so the good fun with improv and acting games!

As usual, on the 4th Friday of each month we are waiting for you: beginners or experienced actors alike, or simply curious and creative people!

As usual, it’s free access. And you can help us keeping it like that by making a donation at the end of the meeting, if you will feel like. We would really much appreciate that!

Peculiarity of this workshop is that we will reserve a bit of time for some of our long-time members to show you some of the work they have prepared: you will therefore enjoy their short sketches. And if you also want to show us some of your theatrical skills you will be welcome!The most part of the workshop, however, will be as always: fun, games and group assignments to let your creativity go loose on the spot the easy way and to show it to the others!


19:30-20:00 warm-up exercises

20:00-20:30 improv games

20:30-20:45 showcase of old (and new!) members

20:45-21:00 break

21:00-21:20 group work

21:20-21:40 groups on stage!

21:40-22:00 your feedbacks

And after 22:00… You are invited to have drinks with us in town 🙂 

P.S. Come and see our performance on 21/5: ;


DHiT Gym

Witte de Withstraat 121, The Hague, Den Haag (map)


7:30 PM

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