#BlogBaus Workshop | Monetise & Grow Your Blog & Social Media


A 1 day workshop with the most intimate (and fun!) ways to develop skills and elevate your online presence, be it as a blogger, blogger or a small time business owner.
Through hands-on learning, this workshop will give you the tools to grow your following on social media, craft a good photo & monetise your blog. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to rebrand, or simply need a refresher, you’ll be leaving with the knowledge & confidence to brand yourself, your blog & your business. About theRoséB*:
theRoséB* aims to be the be-all end-all for all blogging and digital media needs for content creators and brands in India. Via 4 companies under the media group, the firm brings the power of knowledge, editorial, social uplifting, and marketing to influencers and brands.


Church Street Social (Opp Empire)

Church Street, Bangalore (map)



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