Dance it out !!!


You are all invited for a Dance session which will  be for 1 and 1/2 hours that are conducted every month.

These sessions are free and there is no registrations and fees associated with this meet up.

Every month a new song and a new style is chosen and you get a chance to move your legs to one of the style and dance.

If you want to really feel how dance can help you be fit, be sure to make it.

Volunteers for dance meet up:-

I would like volunteers who would be interested in doing the same. They can send me across the following details and I will include that as part of the meet ups.

a) Dance style

b) Song

c) Duration :  ( minimum of 1 hour)

The dancer should have choreographed the style on a particular song and it should last for an hour session wherein the dancer would need to teach the style to the participants in accordance to the music.You need to carry the song in an Ipod or an USB . The music system is in place.

Please send across those details to me before I can make it as part of the event.

– Harish


Orange Tree

Ryan International School, Brookfield’s, Bangalore (map)


12:30 to 2:00 pm

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