Design Thinking Gym – Workout #4


The Design Thinking Gym will enable those with a passion for entrepreneurship to accelerate their growth by applying innovative, creative approaches to problem solving and truly adopting an entrepreneurial mindset that embraces uncertainty, risk-taking and prototyping.

Unlike conventional workshops, our unwavering belief in experiential learning translates to action-packed, fast-paced and fun sessions where a community of passionate thinkers and doers collaborate to solve mini-challenges, gaining unique skills and mindsets in the process.

In fact, the Design Thinking method we use has been successfully applied by leaders like Steve Jobs, Indra Nooyi, David Kelley, etc. This approach is simple and sophisticated enough to be applied across all industries, domains and stages with incredible results!

Event Benefits

– Give your innovation and creativity muscles a regular workout to accelerate your growth

– Join a community of passionate thinkers and doers on an exciting journey

– Gain unique skills and mindsets by applying Design Thinking techniques to mini-challenges



Each workout is independent of the other, so feel free to join us whether you have attended the previous workout or not!

We will do an experiential crash course of the entire Design Thinking process:

1. Empathise

Understanding the aspirations of stakeholders through interviewing and customer journey mapping.

2. Define

Zeroing in on the specific problem by building reflection walls and crafting insight statements.

3. Ideate

Generating ideas that are both innovative and realistic by applying innovation techniques such as reframing barriers to questions and gaining analogous inspiration from other individuals/organisations/industries.

4. Prototype

Creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) by rapidly prototyping physical representations of solutions.

5. Test

Upgrading the solution by gaining direct feedback from the client on the prototype.


GoodWorks CoWork, Whitefield

4th Floor, Akshay Tech Park EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru, KA 560066, Bangalore (map)


2:00pm to 4:00pm

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