Free Friday Dutch Language Skills Exchange – Listening and Speaking Skills

Free Friday Dutch Language Skills Exchange – Listening and Speaking Skills


Free Friday Dutch Language Skills Exchange 

Each MeetUp is fully structured and organised in a form of a good lesson. 

We work in groups on 4 different levels -A1, A2, B1 and B1/B2.

Example of our up coming MeetUp lesson:

Each group participant receives a short tekst. Participants work in pairs and need to read text loud to each other. One gets a text and reads while the other listens and makes short notes (reading and listening skills)  – Participants correct each others pronunciation. After listening the participant is supposed to explain what the text was about (make an oral summary)

So pairs join into groups of four and explain highlighted and difficult vocabulary (IN DUTCH) to each other.

Then participants work again in pairs and make questions to the text – questions they need to answer/talk about later after swopping the conversation partner. 

Lessons are conducted in a relax and informal way however are structured in a professional way.

MeetUp takes anything from 45 min to 90 min.

Remember that this is a FREE social get-together skill Exchange and not a regular course. It means you are yourself responsible for the input and output of this meetup. You will learn from each other and rely on each others knowledge and language skills. There is no teacher involved in this meet-up but full instructions are given by organizers in the beginning of the lesson.

You will be asked to fill out a short survey in the end of the meetup. (thank you for your cooperation)

Friday Dutch Language Skills Exchange MeetUp is organised for free, however if you enjoy the lesson and have a feeling you learned something you can leave a tip for the organisers. 

There is Coffee and Tea for participants – 1euro – drink as much as you want. 


Dutch First BV

Niasstraat 1, Utrecht (map)

The entrance of our reception is on the Vleutenseweg, around the corner of Niasstraat 1. Please navigate to Vleutenseweg 386, Dutch First is on the left of this adress. You can also enter the shared reception on Niasstraat 1 (between 9:00 and 17:00)


11 AM

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