Free Knots Workshop

Knots, Bends & Hitches…FREE (with a catch)!


Rock Climbing, Caving, Canyoneering, Boating, Sailing, Fishing etc. No matter which adventure sport you are involved in, Knots and rope work is very important. Indian Canyoneers Association and Bangalore Adventure School are together bringing you the Knots workshop in Bangalore.

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Mandatory Fees: None 
Refundable Deposit : 500 
If you turn up for the event, the full amount will be refunded. 
If you don’t show up, you will lose the deposit. 
MUST pay and register before March 22nd.. 
Registration : 
Step 1 : Transfer refundable deposit to go-cool@icici using UPI 
Step 2 : Fill up this form :

We’ll not only learn how to make these knots, bends & hitches, but we’ll learn the differences between them, and what each of them are best used for! Syllabus 
1) Ropes, type of ropes 
2) Terminologies 
3) Differences between Knots, Bends and Hitches 
4) We’ll cover the following Knots: Overhand, Figure-8, Double Overhand (Stopper), Overhand on a bight, Figure 8 on a bight, Alpine Butterfly 
5) We’ll cover the following Bends: EDK, Double Fisherman, Figure 8 follow-through, Square Fisherman 
6) We’ll cover the following Hitches: Girth, Clove, Prusik 
7) We will finish it off by learning double fisherman to make a prusik loop.

Location: Exact meeting point will be emailed to paid participants.