Free seminar on “Programming your mind”



In your day-to-day life, I’ am sure you would have experienced that if your mind doesn’t show support for any work, your body fails to execute it.

When we put together our life goals or new year “resolutions”, why is it that some of us achieve it while others don’t?

Have you ever wondered why that happens?

Did you have lesser resources or was it your mind that played games with you?

Well, we too kept dwelling on these questions and found that majority of our goals didn’t happen because we never put an effort to program it in that direction. But the moment we started doing that, things started falling into place. There has been a balance & consistency in life which proves to be worthwhile. Our relationships, finances, health and many other aspects started getting better & better.
Then came this brilliant thought, “If we can do it, others can too!” and that’s why this seminar.

In this seminar we talk about  

• The importance & effectiveness of mind and body as a tool

• The basic anatomy of the human mind

• The powers, drawbacks & functionalities of the mind

• How to scientifically utilize the powers of your mind

When you realise how important it is to program your mind it becomes easy to produce the results that matter to you & lead that quality of life, you’ve always wanted.

PS:The number of seats in our institute are limited. So, they tend to fill up fast. Make sure you block your’s well in advance. See you soon! 



1686, 1st cross, 4th main, Ramamohanpuram, Near Devaiah park, Bangalore (map)


5Pm to 8Pm

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