Free try out – Morning beginner yoga classes


Come join our free try out classes for the yoga beginners course commencing in the month of April.

You always wanted to practice yoga but you were shy of walking into a studio full of flexible people or you never found the time or the classes were so fast paced you were hardly following what was being taught. We are looking for you.

Come join your fellow beginners for a 12 class course spread over 1 month. The course is designed for absolute beginners who are keen on setting a strong foundation for their asana (yoga postures) practice. These asanas (postures) chosen for this course are common to all styles of yoga and will come in handy irrespective of the style of yoga you choose to practice subsequently.

The course is very well structured to provide ample time for the participants to mentally and physically cope with the practice and master the asanas (postures).

Date: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Starting first week of April 2017 .

Price: €60 for 12 classes


Week 1: Sun Salutation
Week 2: Standing Postures
Week 3: Sitting Postures
Week 4: Prone and Supine Postures


Happy Yoga Time

Lijnbaansgracht 173, 1016 VZ, Amsterdam (map)


7:00 AM to 8:15 AM

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