How to Approach a Multi-Class (classification) Problem Using H2O


We are excited to have our first webcast.

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Ashrith’s talk will show how to approach a multi-class (classification) problem using H2O. The data that is being used is an aggregated log of multiple systems that are constantly providing information about their status, connections and traffic. In large organizations, these log datasets can be very huge and unidentifiable due to the number of sources, legacy systems etc. In our example, we use a created response for each source. The use H2O to classify the source of data.

Ashrith Barthur is a Security Scientist at H2O currently working on algorithms that detect anomalous behaviour in user activities, network traffic, attacks, financial fraud and global money movement. He has a PhD from Purdue University in the field of information security, specialized in Anomalous behaviour in DNS protocol.

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Online, Pune (map)


9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

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