Mindfulness, the main pillar of healing and personal development

Mindfulness, the main pillar of healing and personal development


Hello dear lucid dreamers! The next meetup is on meditation, which could be one of the most important tools on one’s journey of healing, growth, and personal development, and also quite enjoyable down the line!

Behind almost any healing practice, and any process that entails deep growth, practising some form of meditation is almost as important as eating protein for building muscle strength. It doesn’t matter how much one wants to grow muscle, if the protein intake is insufficient, progress will be much slower. 

Meditation is the same for our brains and minds. It begins to slow down or completely dissolve previous limiting or negative thoughts and beliefs in our minds, which are repeating on a loop, for decades sometimes, which keeps us stuck in the same place, regardless of how much we want to change. Meditation allows for new thought, and new neural pathways to form in the brain, which can make the changes we are trying to make in our lives possible.

Meditation gives us the ability to change our plastic brains, even deep into adulthood. Fundamental changes on every level can happen to an incredible degree, usually much more than we believed to be possible for ourselves. There are many forms of meditation, we will see some of them in this meetup, so you can choose which ones might be more interesting and fun for you to explore ;). 

See you there, Nikos


My house

Dujardinstraat 30, 5645 JK, Eindhoven (map)


7:00 PM

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