Monroe Institutes Excursion Workshop – Hyderabad

Monroe Institutes Excursion Workshop – Hyderabad


This will be a two, full day, Hemi-Sync experience that will guide you in to a relaxed meditative state, then on, to higher altered states of consciousness, through the use of The Monroe Institutes patented audio technology, featuring the Hemi Sync Tecnology patented by the Intitute which uses muiltilayerd binaural beats.

For those of you that have never been able to meditate, or have, but only with great difficulty, here is your opportunity to experience reality from the other side at a push of a button.

In the workshop we explore the states of Focus Level 10 (Mind Awake Body Asleep) and Focus level 12 ( an expanded state of Awareness)

For more Details Please call Nikate Khaitan on +91 98300 32777 or Email at


Ram Kunj , 522 Gulmohar Avenue, Rajbhavan Road Hyderabad- 500082


April 24 – April 25

Apr 24 at 9 AM to Apr 25 at 6 PM

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