Music with Strangers

All communication is done via our facebook group (check description)
Music with strangers is a community of international musicians located in Eindhoven. It started in 2014 as an initiative to teach guitar at The Hub Eindhoven for Expats. The community has grown in size and complexity over the past 2 years and expanded its range of activities with jamming and concerts.

We meet every Thursday at The Hub for jamming, playing songs, learning or just hanging out and having fun).

No Fee Facility fee & equipment fee are no longer requested by The Hub. MwS is instead contributing by offering more performances at The Hub.

Before joining first time it’s best to contact us via e-mail: musicwithstrangers @ . Your mail will be forwarded to a few of the core members.

If you decide to become part of our group, it’s best to join us on facebook, otherwise you miss out on all the communication that holds us together as a group:

==== Other activities of MwS ====

Every 3-4 months we prepare a big performance with all the members. We also organize smaller concerts occasionally. You can find info about our public performances on our public Facebook page

Group guitar lessons with Carol are also possible on demand (small fee applies). Currently accepting new students. For more info contact adelina.dehelean @ .

==== Mission statement ====

We believe in music and its power to create powerful bonds between people. We started out as a bunch of strangers. In time, our passion for music fueled friendships, and those friendships fueled the passion for music. We grow together musically and personally. We have fun. As a result, music has become a bigger part of our lives.

We value the diversity of our group, because diversity encourages creativity. Our differences in culture, musical preference and musical abilities make things interesting. Having a diversified pool of musicians also increases the chances to find like-minded musicians to pursue a specific musical ideal or genre.

==== Tips & Tricks====

Note that if you are a regular and you drink more than a couple of beers per Thursday, it might be more economical to get an official membership from The Hub. You can ask details about it at the bar.

Keep in mind that the word “strangers” should not be interpreted literally – most people know each other very well.

What you do on a Thursday is completely up to you.

Many people from the group don’t plan on doing something in particular, but going with the flow and playing with whoever happens to be around at the time. Other members often arrange playing something specific with specific people. Especially people playing with a drummer, because they need to book the basement room.

The start time of the event is 7PM. That’s a good time to talk to the event host, but most of the musicians arrive later, starting from 8PM. People come and leave as they please.

When there is an upcoming performance, the group will naturally be focused on their practice, planning the evening more and having less time to socialize with the new members. So if you feel left out, it’s probably not personal 🙂 Instead ask around who are the newer members – it’s likely that they are less busy.

Event Location: The Hub Eindhoven
Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven

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