Open Exploration into NLP with Q & A session!



Hope you guys are doing well. We have finished some great workshops in Goa, Bangalore and Mumbai and hence we weren’t able to run meetups in the last couple of months. Thank you for checking in with us.

A lot of you have written to us for having a session on just NLP. Not the application but have an open session of NLP where we can demonstrate NLP in action by creating transformation and have a Q & A session after that.

That’s exactly the way we have designed our next session.

So in the next session, you can take a dive into the world of NLP. Understand what is NLP, how did it come about, history of NLP and how can it be useful for you to take your life to the next level.

In the next session, we will explore…

• What is NLP, History of NLP and how did it come about in existence

• Applications of NLP and how can you use it in your day to day life.

• Open coaching session so that you can experience NLP in Action.

• Q & A Session with a Master Trainer of NLP.

Look forward to seeing you guys on Sunday. If you need any further support, please feel free to get in touch with us at +91 – 9916563743.

These sessions are organized by Thought Labs with the purpose of spreading awareness and making a difference with NLP. Every session will have a specific take-aways that you will be able to apply. You can know more about Thought Labs at


Hotel Halcyon

Kormangala 4th Block, Bangalore (map)


2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

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