Vedanta Treatise Study Meetup (Khar Gym)

Vedanta Treatise Study Meetup (Khar Gym)


The book ‘Vedanta Treatise’ by Swami Parthasarathy ( presents the ancient philosophy of Vedanta. A philosophy which enunciates the eternal principles of life and living. The author believes that living is an art, a skill, a technique. Few have understood it to be so in the span of human history. Nevertheless, you need to learn and practice the technique of living. As you would for playing a musical instrument or flying an aircraft.

This weekly Meetup, meeting every Wednesday ,systematically studiesĀ  the book ‘Vedanta Treatise’. The study is done in the spirit of applying Vedantic principles to life so as to enhance productivity even while maintaining peace of mind. It is conducted by Dr Janki Santoke (

The timing of the Meetup is specially designed for working people who keep long hours and are unable to attend our other early evening Meetups. Admission is free. You will be able to pick up the philosophy even if you join in the middle to the textual study.

For further details, contact the coordinator, Namrataa Kothaary on: 9833398060. For first timers, we request you to get in touch with the coordinator for any last minute changes.


Khar Gymkhana

13th Road, Khar(W), Mumbai – 400 052, Mumbai (map)


9:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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