[Workshop] Python for Beginners


  • After a very successful workshop last week, we’ve decided to host another Python for Beginners session! 

    Our instructor, Ajay M has over 13+ years of professional experience in software development experience in C++, Python and Openstack. He has has worked in various areas ranging from device drivers, system programming, application development to REST API implementations. 

    1. Python Language Popularity
    2. Job Trends
    3. Why Python
    4. Areas where Python is used
    5. Companies Using Python
    6. Python Installation
    7. Python Basics
    a. Datatypes
    b. Files Operations
    c. Classes
    d. Modules and Packages
    8. Introduction to matplotlib module
    8. Sample Project
    a. Reading CSV files
    b. Reading Stock data
    c. Plotting the graph of stock data.

    ### Do I need any math background for this workshop?
    Absolutely not, this is specifically designed for programmers with no math backgrounds!

    ### Do we need a programming background?
    This is an introductory class and we expect minimal programming background. ### Is there anything I need to do before the workshop?
    Have Python and Pip installed! You can find them here:

    ### How can I contact someone about the event?
    Contact Saloni at [masked] with any questions or concerns! 

    About Byte Academy: Byte Academy is a leader in industry-oriented technology education. It is headquartered in New York City with campuses in Singapore and Bangalore. It offers full and part-time programs in FinTech (Financial Technology), Data Science and full-stack Python software development. Byte Academy established one of the first FinTech programs in the world and the first Python fullstack software development bootcamp in New York City. It’s blockchain program was featured in Bloomberg.


The Hive at VR Bengaluru

60/2, ITPL Main Rd, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura, Bangalore (map)


10Am to 3Pm

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