Celebration of Happiness (11) – Thanksgiving (USA and Canada)


"Be Grateful For What You Have"


Man has only learnt to take the bounties that the creator gives us, but to never be thankful for the abundance. Gratitude is a virtue long forgotten, but this tradition of thanksgiving keeps it alive.



Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. In 1962, pilgrims from Europe entered the USA and Canada without any supply of food. With the help of a native Indian, they learnt farming and were blessed with a good harvest, giving them lots of food to survive on. This is when they started this tradition to thank God for the harvest and all the good things they had received. Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday in 1863 and since then it has remained so.



Thanksgiving is essentially celebrated by eating scrumptious meals with family and giving gifts to each other. Families take it as an opportunity to gather around and show gratitude to the almighty. Turkey, pumpkins and cranberries are the most widely consumed food on Thanksgiving. The tradition is to eat the food produced during the harvest season around October. Families pray together and thank God for all that he has given them and celebrate in the festivities. Watching football on this day has become a trend and some famous championships are even hosted around this time which families enjoy together.


Count Your Blessings

Gratitude should not be a tradition, but a habit. Tell God what all you are thankful for each day and pray to him to keep you blessed always. You can write down in a diary or on a piece of paper whatever you feel you are thankful for each day so that you know how many blessings you have.

 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi