Celebration of Happiness (14) – Saraswati day (Bali, Indonesia, India)

Saraswati Day

"Keep Your Mind Stimulated"


Knowledge is never ending, it is pious and precious. Knowledge is the basis of life and without the wisdom and clarity of thought, the universe would not have survived and humanity would not have come so far.



Balinese acknowledges and celebrates the importance of knowledge in the universe in the form of Saraswati Day. It is a pious celebration wherein prayers and flowers are offered to the Goddess of Knowledge – Saraswati. People pray to receive wisdom and knowledge and worship their books and other sources of knowledge to offer their gratitude to the goddess.


Saraswati Day is a five day festival. While preparations begin a day before the day by collecting and cleaning all the books, on the day people offer prayers and flowers to their books and keep them in their temples. The evening is spent by reading these books. The following 4 days people worship the other important elements necessary for human existence, the most important one being knowledge. Good Health, Food, Clothing and gold and on the last day worship the temples in their homes so that their life keeps a balance of these 5 elements and thus maintain the balance if the universe.


You Are Never Too Old To Learn New Tricks

Knowledge is never complete and there is no age or time to learn. It is an ongoing process and one should commit to be a learner till his last breath. So learn a new trick, read a new book, adopt a new technique or learn a new skill, take a trip and explore the world. There is learning in everything you do.

 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi