Celebration of Happiness (15) – Chi kou (day of dispute)(China)

Chi Kou (Day of Dispute)

"Consider Your Words Before Someone Takes Them to Heart"


Spoken words are like shot arrows – once shot, they can never come back. Like a dagger hits its target, so do the words that we speak. When spoken softly, words can heal, but if spoken too harshly, they can damage the listener’s heart to an extent that the speaker doesn’t even mean to.



Chi Kou is celebrated on the third day of the Chinese New Year, which is a fifteen day festival. Although the new year is welcomed with great pomp and show, Chi Kou , also known as the Red Mouth Day, is observed in silence and people refrain from interacting with others so as to avoid arguments and spend the 24 hours in peace and harmony.

The third day of the Chinese new year is observed by all the Chinese people as a day of silence and harmony. In order to avoid disputes and conflicts, people refrain from any interactions and spend their day in personal reflection. They spend the day at home or visit temples and offer their prayers. The idea is to ponder upon the words that leave their mouths and to control the urge to fall into a conflict by merely keeping silent for a day. Not only is it soul quenching, but gives the soul enough time to speak to itself in self-reflection and discord.


Know When To Bite Your Tongue

Next time you feel the urge to use harsh words, take a pause. Count till 10, give yourself some time to think before you react. When though before uttered, words tend to be better phrased and land up to be gentler on the receiving end.

 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi