Celebration of Happiness (16) – Zazen (sitting meditation)(Japan)

Zazen (Sitting Meditation)

"Bring Your Mind Back To Real Time"


The mind is restless, it keeps wandering. In one moment in the past and in the other in the future. In all this thinking that our mind does about life, we miss out on living our present, which is all we have in hand and end up empty handed when we leave the world forever.



Zazen meditation is an essential part of Japanese Buddhist tradition. The idea is to sit with the mind being relaxed and not being distracted by any external stimuli. While sitting in specific postures, it is usually performed in groups wherein people practice the art of exploring the deeper levels of existence.


Zazen meditation typically focuses on breath and body. A lot of importance is given to abdominal breathing, which is believed to be connecting the body and mind. One has to sit on a round cushion called Zafu with legs folded and hands on the abdomen. The aim is to unite body, mind and spirit and to be in the moment with oneself and the world without any judgement. While not entertaining any thoughts will allow you to immerse in silence, counting your breath will keep any thoughts from coming to your mind. Forget what has happened and what will happen, live today, now. Connecting with the world without apprehensions and judgements and accepting yourself as you are is the biggest virtue zazen promotes.


Live In the Now

One thing that our ancestors never taught us – to live for today. Make time for yourself today by devoting some time of your day to meditation. Connect with yourself and let your mind be at peace for a little while. You will realize that time passes by slower than we think, making us accept things and ourselves the way we are and be live our lives in harmony.

 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi