Celebration of Happiness (20) -Visiting Teachers(Vietnam)

Visiting Teachers (3rd day of lunar new year celebration)

"Acknowledge Your Influences"


For God sent us teachers to guide us where the Lord himself could not, teachers are the ones who introduce a child to the concept of God and therefore stand at a higher standard than even God himself.



The lunar New Year is celebrated in Vietnam in the form of a long festival with people starting the preparations much before the big day. The first three days of the new year are believed to be special days and people visit friends, family and their teachers on these days. The third day is specifically for visiting the teachers and taking their blessings and guidance and showing gratitude for all the learning they impart.

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The first day is considered to be Father’s Tet, second day is Mother’s Tet and the third day is Teacher’s Tet. Tet in Vietnamese language means Day. On the first day of Vietnamese lunar New Year, people visit their parents, the second day is for the wife’s parents and on the third day people visit their teachers to take their blessings and spend time with them. As a norm followed for centuries ago, people celebrate the new year with this tradition and as a gesture to show their respect and gratitude towards their teachers, people devote this day each year to the ones who taught them all that they know about.


Recognise Your Teachers

It is very important to keep those special people close who gave you the learnings of life and the important lessons without which you could not have survived. So visit your teacher or anyone who impacted your life in more ways than just academics or someone who gave you a lesson that helped you become a better person. Even if you cannot visit, write on a piece of paper as to how it impacted you. Just as a means of showing your gratitude and acknowledging the difference they made to your life

 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


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