Celebration of Happiness (22) – T’ai chi (Shanghai, China)

Tai Chi

"Exercise to Produce Endorphins, and Get a Physical and Mental Workout!"


To have a healthy body, it is equally important to have a healthy mind and heart as well. One who thinks well and feels well will stay good forever. Life is too short to spend on petty issues. So sweat it out and let your endorphins fly as you get onto the road to fitness.



Tai Chi is the English form of the original T’ai Chi Chuan. It started as a martial art and has continued to be followed by people around the world for fitness and good health. It is an art that is performed in slow motion and has recently been recognized as a very effective way to fight stress. Known as meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity through slow and gentle moves.


Tai Chi originated as a practice for self defense, but has slowly evolved to be a great form of exercise that fights stress and many other ailments while promoting inner peace and calm. The birth of Tai Chi can be traced back to over 2500 years and originates from Qigong, which is a discipline included in the Chinese system of medicine as well. Tai Chi is practiced by people all over the world and included slow, meditative and rhythmic motions, performed in calm and peace which enhances inner peace and focus. It is a non-competitive, gentle exercise which can be practiced by older  adults as well.


Stretch Your Body and Mind

Exercise does to the heart, mind and body what even the most nutritious of foods cannot. So inculcate the habit of exercising daily. Take up a sport or hit the gym, yoga or any form of exercise your heart wishes for but make sure you give your body something to look out for.

 This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi