Celebration of Happiness (36) – Stammtisch(regular’s table)(Germany)

Stammtisch(regular's table)

"Get Things Off Your Chest With Like-Minded Others!"


The meeting of minds is a rare case. People meet, come closer and part sooner because they don’t think alike. This alone has caused many a breakup between lovers, friends and families time and again.



Stammtisch, the german word for Regular’s Table, is a common tradition in Germany in which people, groups or friends meet regularly at the same place to discuss topics of common Interest, hobbies, passions and even politics. It is a gathering of like-minded people, often around a round table in a café, restaurant or pub, where people sit and chit-chat, socialize and discuss issues on their topics of common interest. Usually, the places where these groups meet are fixed and even the tables in the restaurant are fixed and reserved for the Stammtisch on particular days.

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Stammtisch is an age old traditional concept in Germany. Traditionally, being a part of a Stammtisch was related to social status and as a mark of respect and honor. Inviting a new person to take a seat in an already existing group was considered a mark of great honor, especially in a Stammtisch of writers or poets. The restaurants or cafes where the meeting is held, usually keeps the specific table reserved for the regulars to sit at their specific hours of visit which is marked by a special sign, board or sometimes by a special ashtray. It is an opportunity for the people to meet up like-minded people and explore their areas of interest and to learn new things about their interests.


Talk About It!

Sometimes, talking it out is the answer to some of the biggest problems of our lives. Letting out how and what you think and having being heard is a great feeling that many people long for. So meet different people who share the same interests as you do and meet them regularly over conversations. Being in the company of like minded people will not only make you feel recognized but also give you new insights into the subjects you discuss.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)

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