Celebration of Happiness (48) -Hygge (Cosiness)(Denmark)

Hygge (Cosiness)

"Find The Ultimate Contentment In Friends, Family And A Good Book!"


Technology and modernity in thoughts and living have taken us too far from ourselves and the simple pleasures of life. Now, what gives us pleasure has to be something extraordinary and grand while the basic, simple things of life have taken a back seat.


Hygge, looks like one simple word, but has the deepest meaning. It is not a behavior, but a way of life, specific to the Danish people. It translates in English as cosiness, peace, simpleness, and happiness. It is a feeling that comes when we make ordinary, everyday things, extraordinary, meaningful and that gives happiness. In our attempt to nourish our greedy desires, we fail to nourish our souls and this is what hygge fulfills.



Danish people are the happiest people in the world. So what is it that the danes do differently? Danish people understand the importance of enjoyment, rest and happiness in their lives and make it a point to not let work and other stress overcome their sense of happiness and contentment in life. Be it just lighting a candle with each meal, savoring a cup of coffee for hours, spending time with family or just cuddling up in warm, comfortable clothing at home, the people of Denmark make time for themselves and the little thi8ngs that give them pleasure and happiness.


Get Back To Basics!

They say you have to die to go to heaven, but what if you get to know that heaven was where you were living and you failed to enjoy the simple pleasures of it. So take time off from work, call your friends and family, sit around a bonfire and enjoy the pleasures of simplicity and companionship, of love and happiness.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi