Celebration of Happiness (52) – Inaati (Sharing) (Pacific Islands specifically Tokelau and Cook Islands)

Inaati (Sharing)

"Give Away Something Of Value To Appreciate How Lucky You Are!"


When deeds are done for the larger good, the fruits, the feelings and the effects are far beyond just visible gains. The way they quench your soul will leave you amazed.


The Pacific Islands seem to be a world of their own in terms of the community life and the gestures of sharing and social service that the people of that place bear. Feelings of others above self and catering to the larger good of the island are the basic values deeply seeded in the them. The tradition of Inaati is living proof that selfless service and concern for others are not forgotten virtues and people still stand as one against all odds, in spite of their individual differences.



The south pacific islands display utmost example of community life. They strictly follow gender roles wherein the women prepare food, do the cleaning and take care of the children while the men go fishing, unload incoming ships and do other chores. The tradition of Inaati is a popular one there in which the concept of community fishing comes into play. All the men of each community fish together and when they return, the catches are spread and offered to the neediest ones first. Keeping in mind who needs more fish to sell and consume, the catch is divided thereby living up to their standards of community service and sharing.


Share Your Bounty!

Community service and charity seem like long gone principles for many around the globe. While people get busy in fulfilling their selfish needs, make time for offering some help to your community and the people around you. Fix a fence for someone or maybe help them pay taxes, in any way you can, just offer your help.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi