Celebration of Happiness (54)-Holi-(India)


"Release Your Inner Child And Play!"


There is a child in each one of us and if we cannot let it play sometimes, what is the whole point in growing up. The childish innocence that we leave behind in time does not kill the childish desires of happiness and freedom that are hidden away in the depths of our hearts.


Holi, the festival of colors, the celebration of good over evil, is one of the most beautiful and fun events that take place in the cultural land of India. The streets are filled with people playing with colors and water, spilling colors on friends, family and even strangers and enjoying being children again. For it is once every year, on this day, that people forget the stress, the anger, differences and burdens and immerse themselves in the joy of colors and festivities.



The festival is celebrated, according to Hindu mythology, to celebrate the burning away of the wicked lady Holika, which marks the victory of good over evil. It is a two day festival. On the first day, a bonfire is lit, representing the burning of Holika and the next day witnesses the splash of colors and festivities to wash away all negativity and sorrow left behind by the evils in our life. People play with colors and water and water balloons, visit friends and relatives and offer sweets and snacks for them. It is a norm that nobody minds anyone putting colors on them, even if they are total strangers, just like children do  not mind if they know the other kids they are playing with or not. The festival witnesses the springing up of the child in each individual which is a rare sight nowadays.


Color Up our Life!

It's never a bad time for a good wash and some fun with your friends. Plan up a silly water fight in your backyard with your friends and wash away all the pent up stress and anger from your lives with this fun activity. If not that, write down your worries on a piece of paper and wash it down or simply show it the fireplace.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi