Celebration of Happiness (55)-Ubuntu (South Africa)


"Realize Your Interconnectedness With Others!"


Humans are connected most strongly by the bond of sharing. We are what we all are and it is only through interactions with our fellow humans that we discover our own qualities and shortcomings.


Ubuntu, is not only a tradition, but a philosophy that originated from the South African lands and has now become popular around the world. It is not just a phenomenon, but a way of living. Showing gratitude to our coexistence with other human beings and the fact that we cannot survive alone and we need to connect with others in order to live form the core of this tradition.



One thing that humans have understood so far is that humans cannot exist in isolation. We need other humans to exist, to grow and to become more human than we are. Ubuntu highlights this truth of life that we are human because we live with other humans and every human loss is less humanity in each of us. A person with Ubuntu will be caring, sharing, humble, hospitable, welcoming, warm, self assured and willing to help others. They will open their hearts out to strangers and not be afraid to help people they know not of. The people of Africa follow this tradition with all their hearts. Offering food to strangers, welcoming people into their homes and even raising children of those who cannot afford to be some common practices that can be seen in Africa.


How To Be Human!

Make time for some charity, for the society and for the larger good of humanity. Also, gather people along when you work for the society. Stay in it together with other people and do not hesitate to ask for help. Good deeds done are even better when done together with more people.


This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)


Piyuesh Modi