Celebration of Happiness (23) -Ethiopian Buna (Ethiopia)

Ethiopian Buna

"Take The Time To Appreciate Good Food And Drinks"

PHILOSOPHY BEHIND – Ethiopia's Ethiopian Buna

The fruits of patience are sweet. This old saying still holds true till the last word. With time, even black coal turns into diamonds. The flavors that come out with patience and time are unmatched and worth the effort.


Ethiopian Buna is a ceremony followed from ancient times in which Ethiopian people invite guests over to their houses to taste some coffee that the women of the house themselves roast and brew. It is a tradition which makes people appreciate the good food and drinks that are available to them. While the host prepared the coffee, the guests patiently wait for it to come to perfection and enjoy the aromas that arise in the process which makes them waiting even more worthwhile.

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The ceremony of Buna or coffee is a traditional practice followed by the people of Ethiopia. Inviting someone for the ceremony is a gesture of respect and honor. The women of the house wear the traditional clothes and spread long grass on the floor to seat the guests. The coffee beans are washed and roasted carefully over charcoal and then ground to perfection. The powder is then mixed with water and set to brew on charcoal in a special long container called Jebena. While the special drink brews to get the perfect taste, which is a long, time taking process, people sit around to enjoy the aroma of the beans and savoring the gifts of nature that they get to enjoy.


The Fine Things In Life

Food and drinks are nothing less than pieces of art and like other forms of art, it too takes its own time to cook and come to the level of perfection. What is important is to understand the significance of food in our lives and to take the time to enjoy every bite and every sip that we take, absorbing each flavor and thanking god for the wonderful gift of food.

This blog is inspired by: Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World (Lonely Planet)

Piyuesh Modi