Braincandies LIVE Session 11 – UN Development Goals


5 awesome people will share inspiring stories. How amazing is that?

And for ONE member of the audience who will feel truly awesome, we will give him/her the chance to improvise a talk at the end of the session, just like Francisco did last time. We will decide this together on June 1st and this time we will be back in the Baltan Laboratories basement at the Natlab!

Come and join to share this experience with us, meet new people and have a drink. Social learning guaranteed!

As you know we like to keep the atmosphere cozy. We will have only 40 people in the room so make sure to claim your FREE ticket.

If you claimed your ticket and you will not be able to make it, please let us know.

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Things to do:
19.00 – 19.15: Meet and greet with coffee and tea
19.15 – 21.25: intro + #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION
21.15 – 22:00 wedoDRINKS

6 Speakers – 5 minutes each –

Xavier Weiss – Sustaining ourselves: Environmentalism for pragmatists

Based on his three years of experience as leader and founder of a non-traditional environmental group, the Leave Earth Alone Foundation (Leaf), Xavier has come to obtain an alternative outlook on our current quest to enter the sustainability era. Join him on a whistle-stop tour of existing economic pressures, existing environmental movements and existing climatic attitudes and perhaps let it trigger your own train of thoughts and conclusions…

Yama Saraj – Role of knowledge institutions in brain-gain of developing countries.

Brain drain problem refers to a situation where a country loses it most skills workers. For example, Eindhoven region has attracted many knowledge workers from countries such as India and Pakistan. In my talk, I would like to discuss what role knowledge institutions can play to enhance brain-gain or rather brain circulation process in developing countries.

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